Nashville's Evan Cline has become one of Music City's prolific young songwriters”

Underground Music Collective

Evan’s vocal style is very reminiscent of what one would find on many alternative rock albums from the early to mid-2000s.”

Rock The Pigeon

Evan Cline's Succeeds based on his influences of Ed Sheeran and making him a strong contender in the age of mainstream soft-rock and blue-eyed balladry.”

That Eric Alper Blog

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A self produced pop artist, who also writes and produces with some on country music's up and coming artists in Nashville. Evan has created a unique musical path. From performing around Nashville, to Landing sync's with National Geographic, charting over 800K in streams and views on Spotify/Youtube in 2018, and earning radio play through Sirius XM (covers channel 302) The independent artists plans to release new original music in 2019 for himself and other artists.


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